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Join the Bloomer Brigade COmmunity

Your Midlife Sisterhood Awaits

Embrace Menopause with Support, Strength, and Shared Wisdom

Menopause isn't a conclusion; it's a new beginning.

Midlife doesn't mean settling for less; it's an opportunity for more. And age should never be a barrier to discovering your purpose or experiencing joy.


As a professor, scientist, and researcher specializing in menopause, I'm committed to helping you unlock the potential that every new chapter holds.


Unite: Like-Minded, Supportive Community Circle.

Connect: With Weekly Insightful Menopause Discussions.
Explore: Real Solutions for Menopause Relief.
Challenge: Weekly Menopause Fitness Goals.
Enhance: Weekly Health Empowerment Tips.
Learn: Essential Weekly Menopause Advice.

With my expertise as a midlife coach, let's redefine what's possible for you.

Dr Kay Bloom Woman Life Coach

Welcome, I'm Dr. Kay Bloom

My life's mission is to empower women exactly like you.

Transform menopause from a struggle to a celebration in the Bloomer Brigade. Unite for weekly wisdom, fitness, and sisterhood. Embrace this vibrant chapter with us!

Empower Your Evolution with the Right Guidance Plan

LifeBloom - Coaching

Embark on a 12-week LifeBloom journey, crafting goals and conquering challenges with actionable steps towards profound change. Weekly coaching cultivates a positive aging mindset, guiding you to a joyful, enriched midlife.

Bloomer Brigade - Community

Yearning for camaraderie? Join the Bloomer Brigade—your sanctuary for weekly group discussions and empowerment challenges. Real solutions to real menopause problems. 

Included with all LifeBloom coaching Packages.

women over 50 with magical mindset

Real Results for Real Middle-Aged Women

Mature Businesswoman


Lost in aging stereotypes, LifeBloom  reignited my passion for life. It's a game changer. Dr. Kay's insightful methods transformed my mindset. Now each year feel like my brightest yet. This membership isn't just about aging; it's about flourishing. The Bloomer Brigade is my tribe!

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Linda V.

I've tried many methods for my post-60 challenges, but Dr. Kay's LifeBloom program is a game changer. It empowered me, transforming insecurities into newfound confidence. For anyone doubting their golden years, this is your beacon.

Over 50 woman from Bloomer Brigade


The Bloomer Brigade program shifted my perspective on aging from dread to excitement. Through Dr. Kay's guidance, I see endless potential in the mirror. If contemplating this membership, don't hesitate. It’s a transformative gift to oneself.

Empower yourself
Select your journey and invest in yourself!


menopause community
  • Private Forum

  • Supportive Community Circle

  • Weekly Menopause Advice

  • Weekly Menopause Discussion

  • Weekly Menopause Group Fitness 

  • Weekly Health Empowerment Tips

  • Health and Wellness Resources

  • Weekly Check in and Accountability

  • Real Solutions for Menopause Relief.

  • Shared Experience

Still Undecided?

I have seen BloomLife change so many lives that I have lost count! But just for your peace of mind... if you show up, apply all my techniques, and don't improve your life, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

Bloom Guarantee for LifeBloom
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