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Secure Founder's Pricing – Limited Spots Available!  


Reclaim Your Health And Vitality

Reverse Menopause Effects with Science-Backed Tools

Weekly mini-courses, workbooks, and group meetings to help you reduce symptoms, gain energy, and thrive!

Will The Bloomer Brigade Membership

Help Me Feel Like Myself Again?

YES! Membership Is For You, Especially If...


Weekly Mini-Courses: Gain essential knowledge to effectively manage menopausal symptoms and understand your body's changes.

Practical Workbooks: Implement strategies immediately with hands-on exercises designed to reduce symptoms and boost well-being.

Group Support Meetings: Participate in weekly discussions for shared experiences, personalized advice, and a strong support network.

Access to Expert Advice: Get direct insights from menopause specialists during group sessions, ensuring you have up-to-date, accurate information.

Peer Support Community: Connect with other women in an exclusive forum to share tips, experiences, and encouragement.

Weekly Challenges: Apply learning through real-life tasks that drive personal transformation and symptom relief.

Empower Your Menopause Journey
Weekly Mini-Courses, Supportive Community, and Practical Tools to Thrive During Menopause 

What You'll Gain With Membership 


Tailored Fitness Program

Build Muscle, Reduce Fat: Specialized exercises target muscle growth and fat loss crucial for metabolic health during menopause.

Adapted to Ability: Programs adjust to your fitness level, ensuring you progress safely and effectively.

Never Miss a Beat: Recorded workouts are available, so you can catch up anytime if you miss a session, ensuring consistent progress regardless of your schedule.

Aerobics Class


Nutritional Support

Balance Hormones Naturally: Diet plans rich in phytoestrogens and omega-3s help stabilize hormonal shifts.

Boost Energy and Mood: Meals are designed to enhance energy levels and improve mood, combatting common menopausal fatigue and irritability.

Chicken and Vegetable Salad


Exclusive Educational Content

Practical Tips: Get actionable advice on managing symptoms effectively in your everyday life.

Stay Updated: Weekly mini-courses break down the latest findings and therapeutic techniques in menopause research in easy-to-understand terms.

Direct Access to Experts: Engage with menopause specialists like Dr. Kay Bloom during webinars and personalized sessions.


Online Meeting


Stress Reduction Techniques

Calm Mind, Healthy Body: Learn meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga to reduce cortisol levels and promote relaxation.

Enhance Sleep Quality: Techniques specifically aimed at overcoming menopausal sleep disturbances, leading to better overall health.

Meditation Class


Community and Connection

Shared Experiences: Connect with peers who are also navigating menopause, fostering a sense of belonging and understanding.

Celebration of Milestones: Encourage and celebrate personal achievements with a community that cares and supports each other.

Gain Lifelong Friendships: Forge deep connections and friendships with women who share similar life experiences, enriching your social circle and providing emotional support through menopause and beyond.

Women with Sparklers


Personal Check-ins

Monitor Progress: Regular updates with your coach to keep you accountable and motivated.

Adapt Plans as Needed: Quick adjustments to your diet and exercise plans based on your feedback and progress.

Online meeting


Customizable Experience for VIP Members

Exclusive Events and Workshops: Participate in VIP-only events and workshops led by experts, offering deeper insights and advanced strategies tailored to enhancing your menopause journey.

Personalized Attention: Small-group settings ensure your specific needs are addressed.

Flexible Scheduling: Tailor the program's timing and content to fit your lifestyle, increasing effectiveness and adherence.

Priority Support: Enjoy front-of-the-line access to support and quicker responses, ensuring your questions and concerns are prioritized.

Beautiful Women

Your Chance To Thrive During Menopause...

Will You Take It??

Transparent Texture

Support From Someone Who Has Been There 

And Knows How To Succeed! 

Professor Kay Bloom aims to empower women with science-backed knowledge and practical solutions. Her expertise is rooted in rigorous scientific research and academic credentials. She founded the LifeBloom Institute for Women's Health to transform how women experience menopause, turning a time of challenge into a period of revitalization.

After witnessing her best friend's sudden entry into menopause, she shifted her focus from academia to address the glaring gap in effective menopause management. This journey has led her to develop the LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass and Bloomer Brigade Community that combine the latest scientific findings with practical, everyday strategies.

Join countless other women who are choosing to thrive through menopause, equipped with the best tools science has to offer.

Ready To Join A Thriving Community of Women Just Like YOU?

What You Can Expect From The Bloomer Brigade

BEFORE Joining

Struggling Daily: Symptoms unmanaged, daily life frequently disrupted.

Isolated: Lacking a supportive community and feeling unheard.

Weight Gain: Unwanted weight increases, feeling out of control.

No Solutions: Ineffective remedies, continual frustration and struggle.

AFTER Joining


Effective Solutions: Access to science-backed methods that truly work.


Community Support: Surrounded by a supportive and understanding network.

Regained Control
: Weight stabilized, energy restored, life quality improved.


Symptoms Managed: Easier handling of symptoms with expert guidance.

Real Results for Real Women

Mature Businesswoman


Lost in aging stereotypes, LifeBloom  reignited my passion for life. It's a game changer. Dr. Kay's insightful methods transformed my mindset. Now each year feel like my brightest yet. This membership isn't just about aging; it's about flourishing. The Bloomer Brigade is my tribe!

Smiling Middle Aged Woman

Linda V.

I've tried many methods for my post-60 challenges, but Dr. Kay's LifeBloom program is a game changer. It empowered me, transforming insecurities into newfound confidence. For anyone doubting their golden years, this is your beacon.

Over 50 woman from Bloomer Brigade


The Bloomer Brigade program shifted my perspective on aging from dread to excitement. Through Dr. Kay's guidance, I see endless potential in the mirror. If contemplating this membership, don't hesitate. It’s a transformative gift to oneself.


Every month

Weekly tools to reduce symptoms, balance hormones, & thrive

Weekly exercise for real-life application and transformation

Weekly group zoom for community, support, and accountability

Member forum to connect with like-minded women

Expert advice to ensure you have the latest information

Regular check-ins during group meetings to track progress


Have Questions?


What's the benefit of joining the VIP membership?
The VIP membership elevates your Bloomer Brigade experience with enhanced personalization and exclusive access. Members enjoy:

  • Small-group meetings: Engage in weekly sessions that focus on customized symptom management and deeper connection.

  • Customized meal plans: Receive dietary plans tailored specifically to your nutritional needs and health goals.

  • Advanced fitness routines: Access to a more personalized exercise schedule.

  • Priority support: Benefit from faster responses and additional support from our team.

  • Exclusive resources and events: Get first access to new resources, special events, and workshops designed for VIP members.


How long should I participate in the Bloomer Brigade program?
We recommend a minimum commitment of three months to experience meaningful changes. Your personal coach will guide you through each phase of your transformation, adapting strategies to meet your specific needs. Once you achieve your goals, you'll become a lifelong member of the Bloomer Brigade Alumni and can join us for our annual retreat in New Orleans.

When can I sign up for the Bloomer Brigade?
You can join anytime! Memberships renew at the start of each month. We advise booking early to secure your spot for the next cycle, as we limit group sizes to ensure personalized attention and an optimized experience.

Is the Bloomer Brigade open to international members?
Absolutely! The Bloomer Brigade welcomes members from all over the globe.

Can I follow your nutrition plans if I'm vegan or vegetarian?
Yes, our meal plans are highly customizable to accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets.



How many days a week does the program require?
Participation can vary based on your availability and goals. We provide a flexible workout plan tailored to your fitness level, and you can discuss the ideal frequency with your coach.



What equipment do I need?
No specific equipment is necessary! Our program includes a variety of bodyweight exercises that can be performed in any setting.

What fitness levels do your programs cater to?
Our programs are designed for all fitness levels, from beginners to those more advanced. Our coaches are skilled in adapting exercises to meet your individual needs.

Will I receive a meal plan?
All members gain access to our continually updated library of nutrition resources, including recipes and meal modules. VIP members receive tailored meal plans to suit their specific dietary and lifestyle needs.

How do I cancel my membership?
If you need to cancel for any reason, simply email us at at least 24 hours before your next billing cycle, and we will assist you promptly.

Still Undecided?

If you follow the plan and do not see results, we will refund you every dime. If you aren't satisfied with your progress after 14 days, we will refund the monthly fee.

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