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Ready to say “YES” to yourself and create the fulfilling life you know you’re meant to live?

Join the

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Two Paths to Begin

1. Group Empowerment

Join the Bloomer Brigade for group discussions, enlightening guest speakers, and invigorating empowerment challenges. This learn-as-you-go program is best for those not yet ready for 1:1 coaching, or those unable to fully invest in the full immersion. At $129 this program is self-paced and full of community and camaraderie. Discover the magic of midlife coaching and reignite your passion today.

2. Private coaching 

Join LifeBloom if you're ready to dive deep into personal transformation, experience personalized 1:1 sessions, set audacious goals, tackle challenges, and carve out actionable steps for profound change. As a leading life coach for women over 50, Dr. Kay's transformative LifeBloom program starts at $329 for monthly sessions and extends to $729 for in-depth weekly mentoring. All group sessions are included. 

Empower yourself
Select your journey and invest in yourself!

  • Bloomer Brigade

    Every month
    Bloomer Brigade Menopause Community
    • Weekly tools to reduce symptoms, balance hormones, & thrive
    • Weekly exercise for real-life application and transformation
    • Weekly group zoom for community, support, and accountability
    • Member forum to connect with like-minded women
    • Expert advice to ensure you have the latest information
    • Regular check-ins during group meetings to track progress
  • Best Value

    LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass

    Valid for 3 months
    • Direct Guidance from Dr. Kay Bloom
    • Empowering Weekly Breakout Sessions (12 total)
    • Interactive Weekly Symposiums (12 total)
    • Your Customized Personal Action Plan
    • Your Custom Exercise Regimen
    • Your Personalized Nutrition Strategy
    • Supportive Community Forum

Still Undecided?

I have seen BloomLife change so many lives that I have lost count! But just for your peace of mind... if you show up, apply all my techniques, and don't improve your life, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

LifeBloom Guarantee for Magical Mindset of Over 50 Women
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