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Five Virtual Activities to Try on Your Next Girls-Night-In

Have more fun than ever with your girls from the comfort of your own home.

With distance and busy schedules, it can be hard to stay connected. Luckily, we have compiled a list of 5 fresh activities you can try together online, no matter how many miles are between you and your friends.

[5 Long Distance Activities You Can Do Right Now to Stay Connected During Covid]

1. A Netflix Party

If movies are your thing, then this idea is for you. Did you know that there are website extensions that allow you to watch Netflix with your friends at the same time? It’s perfect for a long-distance movie night with your girls. Make some popcorn, put on pajamas, and talk all about how realistic the plot is. If the web extension doesn’t work, you can all hop on the phone and press play at the same time!

Also, check out our top comedians you can watch here and here, and enjoy their funny stories that will make you laugh.

2. Online Dance Class

If your friend group is the type to dance all night, then this idea may be a winner. You can grab your friends and sign up for an online dance class together! You won’t have to worry about looking silly or out of place with your friends by your side. Plus, an online dance class is a great exercise and a good excuse to put on your comfy workout clothes! Get fit and have fun with your best friends.

If this sounds fun for you, the Nola Chorus Girls offer live virtual classes here.

3. Virtual Cocktail Night

You and your friends may be the type to appreciate a nice, handcrafted cocktail. If you are, you will be pleased to find out that there are not only online mixology classes, but cocktail subscription boxes as well! You can have a regularly scheduled package of cocktail ingredients shipped directly to you and your friends, hop on a Zoom call, and have fun making drinks together. If this sounds like too much, there’s nothing like a simple glass of wine and conversation with your ladies. Just sit back, enjoy a drink and talk about your cute stories of friendship.

If drinking isn’t for you, consider making coffee or tea with friends! This, or cooking new recipes together. This idea works for any hobby.

4. Start a Book Club

In a bustling world of visual entertainment, sometimes it’s nice to sit down and read a book. Starting a book club with your friends could lead to deep conversation and new knowledge. Pick a topic that interests you and your friends and leap! Whether it’s cool bugs, steamy romance, audio engineering, gardening, or art, there will be a book to match. You can even read funny stories that will make you laugh (like the Cotton Panty Club’s stories)! We like this idea because it brings friends into discussing topics that they may have never talked about before, which can enhance your understanding of each other.

5. Work Out Together

Similar to the active online dance class idea, this idea is for those who have fitness goals they wish to reach together. Having a friend doing the same thing alongside you adds extra accountability. You can go on Youtube and find any workout that piques your interest and spend 30 minutes together exercising. There is yoga, Tabata, and any cardio or strength exercise you can think of. Yoga with Adrienne is a great place to start because she has hundreds of videos of different time lengths and intensities.

[To Conclude]

If you can dream it, you can do it on your next girls' night in. Every friend group is unique and will be naturally inclined towards particular activities, but we hope we gave you a good place to start! If you’re looking for more funny stories, check out these blog posts.

Author: Lauren Jackson

Lauren is a freelance copywriter, video editor, and business coach! She enjoys spending time with her dog and starting new projects.

Virtual Activities to Try on Your Next Girls-Night-In


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