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Five Women-Owned Small Businesses You Can Support Right Now!

Have Fun Shopping While Knowing That You’re Supporting Someone’s Dreams.

You may have heard how more people than ever are making the shift to online business. The past few years showed us that it is very possible to make money from home. Now more than ever, it’s important to support each other in accomplishing our dreams to bring more joy into the world. So, here are five female-owned businesses with online stores that you can support RIGHT NOW if you feel called to do so. These are women small businesses to support today.

5 Businesses Owned by Women That Are Worth Buying From

1. Elektra Cosmetics

Elektra Cosmetics is a woman-owned business that offers some of the most spectacular glitter eyeshadows we’ve ever seen. Long-lasting and bright, these eye shadows are a must for any night out. We can attest to their durability as the glitter stayed on our faces all day long during one of our adventures. Elektra Cosmetics is vegan and cruelty-free, and is also made with sensitive skin in mind. They offer some plant-based biodegradable glitter, which is very important because if you’ve ever had glitter on, you know how easy it is for that stuff to end up anywhere (including outdoors). Seriously, try the glitter for yourselves!

Check them out here.

2. Happy Day Design Co

We support Happy Day Design Co. for her unique, colorful designs that are featured on stickers, stationery, apparel, and more. Seriously, the colors are so fun that they’ll make you have a happy day. Her stickers feature a lot of uplifting phrases, and some even feature a splash of sass. The standout items of the shop, however, are her sun-catchers. Happy Day offers several sun catchers that double as art while sending rays of rainbows throughout the room. Happy Day Design Co. also offers graphic design services for any of you readers who may need branding, social media, or product design.

Check her out here.

3. Ocean Plastics

It’s crazy how someone has the talent to turn gross, unsightly ocean pollution into gorgeous jewelry. Not only that but having a business that positively impacts the environment? Fantastic. The owner used to be a sailor and oyster farmer but decided that she needed to do something about all of the microplastic she saw in her daily environment. This is a woman on a mission to help her community while spreading awareness about the dangers of microplastic. She’s changing the world, one jewelry piece at a time, and we are here for it.

Check out the website here.

4. Sip & Sonder

Sip & Sonder started when two women met in law school. They saw a need in their community for a place that allowed creative minds to come together and connect. They operate as a hub where freelancers, curators, creatives, and entrepreneurs can come together and connect over coffee. The Cotton Panty Club loves how such a cool business started by two women becoming friends and saw a way to empower their community. Sip & Sonder’s online store offers such a variety of coffee and tea that you are bound to find something that you can sit down with friends and enjoy together.

Visit the store here.

5. The Bearded Oysters

This one is near and dear to The Cotton Panty Club’s heart. The Bearded Oysters was founded to be a place of artistic expression, fun, community, and personal growth. They are a parade troupe in New Orleans that welcomes all genders, body types, and levels of dance experience. Their goal is to connect with the community in a fun way that showcases the talents of individuals. Anyone can join the troupe if they are looking to experience a community of dance, crafting, and creativity. We love how The Bearded Oysters creates a lot of fun and excitement within their community, and we especially love the amazing bonds formed between the members.

To view upcoming performances, or join the troupe, click here.

What’s next…

There are some great small businesses out there that you can support. Whatever your interests are, there’s probably a woman-owned small business to match! You can support someone’s dreams while getting a cool product or experience in return. If you’re looking for more ideas on how to empower your community, check out these blog posts.

women small businesses to support

Author: Lauren Jackson

Lauren is a freelance copywriter, video editor, and business coach!

She enjoys spending time with her dog and starting new projects.


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