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Join The Menopause Masterclass To:


in only

90 Days

Maybe you... 

Feel anxious about MENOPAUSE

Battle BODY IMAGE issues

Crave genuine CONNECTIONS

Face declining SELF-CONFIDENCE


Have FEARS of getting older

Worry about THE FUTURE

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Welcome to

LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass

Master Menopause in 90 Days with LifeBloom

Unlock the Secrets to Hormonal Balance and Long-Term Health With:

Weekly Symposia: Engage with experts and gain cutting-edge insights into menopause management.

Interactive Courses: Weekly sessions filled with science-backed tools tailored to ease menopause symptoms.

Fitness Programs: Multiple weekly workouts designed to maintain bone density and muscle strength.

Guided Curriculum: Learn the science behind menopause and understand your body’s changes.

Nutritional Guidance: Weekly updates on how to optimize your diet for hormonal balance.

Progressive Learning: Each week builds on the last, enhancing your knowledge and skills.

Community Support: Access to a supportive network of women on the same journey.

Long-Term Tools: Equip yourself with strategies to manage your health post-menopause.

Weekly Check-Ins: Weekly accountability and coach support to address your unique symptoms . 


Monthly Coaching: Direct access to Professor Kay Bloom and the LifeBloom team. 

Empower Your Health After Menopause

Watch Now: Learn How to Mitigate Health Risks and Enhance Your Life For The Decades Ahead.

YES! You will be postmenopasaul for the rest of your life!


In 90 Days You Can...

Regulate Hormones
Reduce Hot Flashes
Boost Metabolism
Increase Energy Levels

Improve Sleep Quality

Enhance Bone Health

Strengthen Heart Health

Master Menopause Management

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Support From Someone Who Has Been There 

And Knows How To Succeed! 

Professor Kay Bloom aims to empower women with science-backed knowledge and practical solutions. Her expertise is rooted in rigorous scientific research and academic credentials. She founded the LifeBloom Institute for Women's Health to transform how women experience menopause, turning a time of challenge into a period of revitalization.

After witnessing her best friend's sudden entry into menopause, she shifted her focus from academia to address the glaring gap in effective menopause management. This journey has led her to develop the LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass and Bloomer Brigade Community that combine the latest scientific findings with practical, everyday strategies.

Join countless other women who are choosing to thrive through menopause, equipped with the best tools science has to offer.

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Your Chance To Thrive During Menopause...

Will You Take It??

Ready to Take Control of Your Hormones?

What You Can Expect From The Menopause Masterclass

BEFORE Masterclass

Struggling Daily: Symptoms unmanaged, daily life frequently disrupted.

Isolated: Lacking a supportive community and feeling unheard.

Weight Gain: Unwanted weight increases, feeling out of control.

No Solutions: Ineffective remedies, continual frustration and struggle.

AFTER Masterclass


Effective Solutions: Access to science-backed methods that truly work.


Community Support: Surrounded by a supportive and understanding network.

Regained Control
: Weight stabilized, energy restored, life quality improved.


Symptoms Managed: Easier handling of symptoms with expert guidance.

Real Results for Real Women

Mature Businesswoman


Lost in aging stereotypes, LifeBloom  reignited my passion for life. It's a game changer. Dr. Kay's insightful methods transformed my mindset. Now each year feel like my brightest yet. This membership isn't just about aging; it's about flourishing. The Bloomer Brigade is my tribe!

Smiling Middle Aged Woman


I've tried many methods to ease symptoms and lose weight, but Dr. Kay's LifeBloom program is a game changer. It empowered me, transforming insecurities into newfound confidence. For anyone doubting their golden years, this is your beacon.

Over 50 woman from Bloomer Brigade


The Bloomer Brigade program shifted my perspective on aging from dread to excitement. Through Dr. Kay's guidance, I see endless potential in the mirror. If contemplating this membership, don't hesitate. It’s a transformative gift to oneself.

Next Session June 3rd, 2024

Unlock Your Best Years Yet

Ready to Reclaim Your Health and Vitality?

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get


4 One-On-One Sessions With Dr. Kay 

12 Weekly Group Sessions with Dr. Kay

12-Week LifeBloom Mindset Program

Full Access to LifeBloom Course Videos

Custom Action Plan

Weekly Menopause Discussions

Weekly Menopause Fitness Challenges

5 Weekly Group Workouts

Weekly Menu Plans

Weekly Check-in and Accountability

Health and Wellness Resources

Community Access















All This Would Normally Cost $13,000

Get Instant Access For
A One-Time Payment Of
Just $1997!

Have Questions?


Is the price justified for what I get?
Absolutely! The LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass is valued at over $13,000, covering expert-led sessions, personalized plans, and comprehensive resources. At just $1,997, you’re investing in a transformative experience that equips you with lifelong skills and knowledge to manage your menopause effectively, even long-term health effects of low estrogen after menopause. It's an incredible value for such a comprehensive program.


What if I can’t attend all the live sessions?
No worries! All sessions are recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience. This ensures you won’t miss out on any valuable insights and can learn at a pace that suits your schedule.


Will I receive personalized attention?
Absolutely! Each participant receives personalized guidance through one-on-one sessions with Dr. Kay, custom action plans, and weekly check-ins. This personalized approach ensures that your specific concerns and goals are addressed, maximizing your results. We keep the groups small and intimate to ensure personalized attention. 


What if I’m not sure this program is right for me?
We understand that every woman's menopause journey is unique. That's why we offer a variety of content and support to address different symptoms and challenges. You can also reach out to us before enrolling to discuss your specific needs and concerns.


How quickly will I see results?
While individual experiences vary, many participants report feeling better and noticing improvements in their symptoms within the first few weeks. By the end of the 90-day program, you should have a solid understanding of how to manage your menopause effectively and see significant changes in your overall well-being.

Is there support after the program ends?
Yes, upon completing the masterclass, you become part of the Bloomer Brigade Alumni. This includes ongoing access to the community and periodic updates on new research and strategies to help you continue thriving post-menopause.

What makes this program different from others?
The LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass is uniquely comprehensive, combining the latest scientific research with practical, hands-on tools and a supportive community. It’s led by Professor. Kay Bloom, a renowned expert in menopause management, offering insights you won’t find in any other program.

How can I make the most out of this program?
Engage actively in all aspects of the program—attend the live sessions, participate in discussions, complete the fitness challenges, and utilize the health and wellness resources. The more you invest in the process, the greater the benefits you’ll reap.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Still Undecided?

If you follow the steps, attend the sessions, do the work and do not see progress after 14 days, we will refund the entire fee.

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