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Should Dr. Bloom feel LifeBloom suits you, you’ll receive your orientation packet, introducing you to our vibrant community.

What follows is a 12-week journey of transformation and growth, supported by science and positive psychology.

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  • SAVE $450

    LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass

    Valid for 3 months
    • Direct Guidance from Dr. Kay Bloom
    • Empowering Weekly Breakout Sessions (12 total)
    • Interactive Weekly Symposiums (12 total)
    • Your Customized Personal Action Plan
    • Your Custom Exercise Regimen
    • Your Personalized Nutrition Strategy
    • Supportive Community Forum
  • LiveBloom Menopause Masterclass

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • Direct Guidance from Dr. Kay Bloom
    • Empowering Weekly Breakout Sessions (12 total)
    • Interactive Weekly Symposiums (12 total)
    • Your Customized Personal Action Plan
    • Your Custom Exercise Regimen
    • Your Personalized Nutrition Strategy
    • Supportive Community Forum


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I have seen BloomLife change so many lives that I have lost count! But just for your peace of mind... if you show up, apply all my techniques, and don't improve your life, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee!


12-Week Journey FAQ

Digging Deeper into Your Most Pressing Questions

Q: What's the difference between LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass and the Bloomer Brigade community?
A: LifeBloom is a 12-week transformative and individualized program designed to address your unique needs during the perimenopause and beyond, focusing on positive aging and symptom management. The Bloomer Brigade community, on the other hand, is a supportive network of women over 40, sharing experiences and growing together through the transition into menopause. All Members of LifeBloom are invited to the Bloomer Brigade Community. 

LifeBloom - 12-week Transformative Menopause Program
Bloomer Brigade - Online Community

Q: What is the cost of LifeBloom Menopause Masterclass?
A: The current course is $2997 (or 3 payments of $1149).

Q: Can you tell me more about the LifeBloom coaching sessions?
A: Absolutely! All sessions are conducted online for your convenience. If you miss a session or two, don't worry—recordings are readily available on our forum so you can catch up at your own pace.

Q: At what menopause age does LifeBloom start offering support?

A: LifeBloom offers support from any menopause age, ensuring all women receive the guidance they need whenever they start their transition.


Q: Can the LifeBloom program help with understanding the symptoms of the perimenopause?
A: Absolutely. Our 12-week program is designed to provide education and strategies to manage the symptoms of the perimenopause effectively.

Q: What are the signs of menopause, and how is this addressed in the program?
A: Key signs of menopause like hot flashes and mood swings are addressed through our holistic approach to wellness in the LifeBloom program.

Q: What about menopause will I learn in the LifeBloom program?
A: Our program covers everything about menopause, from biological changes to emotional well-being, ensuring a well-rounded understanding.

Q: What is the menopause, and how does LifeBloom explain it?
A: The menopause is a natural life stage, and LifeBloom demystifies it by providing comprehensive education and support.

Q: When does menopause start, and how can LifeBloom assist?
A: Menopause typically starts between 45-55 years (the average being 51), and LifeBloom assists by preparing you for this transition and providing support through each step.

Q: At what age does perimenopause at what age typically occur?
A: Perimenopause at what age usually begins in the 40s, but it can start as early as the 30s, and LifeBloom is here to help navigate it.

Q: What are the signs perimenopause and how can LifeBloom help?
A: Signs perimenopause include irregular periods and sleep issues. LifeBloom provides tools to manage these early signs.


Q: What is the age perimenopause typically starts, according to LifeBloom?
A: The age perimenopause typically starts is around 40, but it can vary, and LifeBloom caters to all women starting this phase.


Q: When does the perimenopause start and what support does LifeBloom offer?
A: The perimenopause can start in the late 30s or 40s, and LifeBloom offers support through education, community, and personalized coaching.


Q: How can I manage weight gain with perimenopause during the LifeBloom program?
A: Our program addresses weight gain with perimenopause with nutritional advice, exercise tips, and stress management techniques.


Q: How long does the perimenopause last and will LifeBloom support me the entire time?
A: The perimenopause can last several years; LifeBloom supports you throughout with ongoing coaching and resources.


Q: What is the perimenopause average age and how does LifeBloom cater to it?
A: The perimenopause average age is typically the late 40s, and our LifeBloom program is tailored to meet the needs of women during this stage.

Q: What are the best vitamins for menopause that LifeBloom recommends?
A: LifeBloom recommends the best vitamins for menopause, including Vitamin D, B12, and Omega-3, for overall health.

Q: Does LifeBloom offer natural relief for menopause?
A: Yes, LifeBloom offers natural relief for menopause through lifestyle changes, diet, and mindfulness practices.

Q: What natural remedies menopause weight gain does LifeBloom suggest?
A: LifeBloom suggests natural remedies menopause weight gain, focusing on balanced diets and regular physical activity.

Q: What food that help with menopause does the LifeBloom program include?
A: The program includes guidance on food that help with menopause, highlighting those rich in calcium and phytoestrogens.

Q: What good vitamins for menopause can be integrated into my diet during LifeBloom?
A: LifeBloom emphasizes good vitamins for menopause, such as Vitamin E and magnesium, to be integrated into your diet.

Q: How does LifeBloom excel in coaching women through menopause?
A: LifeBloom excels in coaching women by providing personalized guidance and support specifically tailored to the menopausal transition.

Q: Does the program address feelings of jealous v envious during life transitions?
A: Yes, our life coach for midlife women discusses emotional changes, including how to handle feelings of jealous v envious during this life stage.

Q: Why is LifeBloom the ideal life coach for over 50?
A: As a life coach for over 50, LifeBloom specializes in the unique challenges and opportunities that come with this empowering age.


Q: What makes Dr. Kay Bloom and LifeBloom a such as sought-after life coach for women?
A: Dr. Kay, a distinguished professor and active researcher in the field of menopause, infuses the 12-week course with a wealth of insights. This curriculum is the culmination of extensive research, data analysis, collaborations with industry experts, and the successful establishment of her wellness enterprise.


Treat yourself to the Magic of Positive Aging, Midlife Transformation, and Menopause Relief. You deserve a community that understands and supports you. .

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